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The LSF 3:1 Method – Love Sweat Fitness


Love Sweat Fitness: Are you ready to MOVE with the LSF 3:1 Method?

Are you ready to MOVE with the LSF 3:1 Method?

Inside the MOVE app you’ll find hundreds of workouts for all fitness levels. These workouts are designed to burn fat, build lean muscle and help you get fit in 30 minutes a day.

When I lost 45 pounds I did it at home, with a set of dumbbells and some serious motivation to change my body and feel good from the inside out.

As a certified personal trainer I’ve helped thousands of women transform their lives and now it’s your turn!

Most Effective Training Methods

The research shows the 3 most effective training methods to burn fat are:

  • Strength Training: heavier weights to create muscle hypertrophy
  • Circuit Training: moving through different exercises with short breaks
  • Conditioning: lighter weights. body weight higher intensity cardio based exercises to improve overall endurance

My MOVE 3:1 Method

My 3:1 method utilizes all three of the above training methods in one quick workout to get you results that last!

In the MOVE app, you’ll find 3 circuit training days.

Your workouts will include 3 Strength : 1 Conditioning exercises.

Within each circuit workout you will have 2 different sets you will complete. In each circuit set are 3 strength based exercises and 1 conditioning exercise Love Sweat Fitness.

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