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Testosterone is a crucial hormone for men’s health and influences muscle growth, fat distribution, bone density, and mood. As men age, declining testosterone levels can result in challenges like weight gain, reduced energy, and decreased libido, not to mention the unwelcome issue of “man boobs.”

As a personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist with over 20 years of experience, I’m often asked, “How do I naturally increase testosterone?” While strength training and balanced nutrition are fundamental for healthy testosterone levels, those seeking an additional lift can consider testosterone boosters.

I tested seven testosterone boosters, each with different formulas and key ingredients. Here’s the thing — my testosterone levels were already above average. For me, this was a test to see which testosterone boosters could keep my levels where they were or even get them higher without the consequence of estrogen dominance (which can be a side effect of overconsuming testosterone boosters). Keep that in mind as I review my top picks for the best testosterone booster for men.

Medical disclaimer: This article is intended for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. For health advice, contact a licensed healthcare provider.

How We Chose the Best Testosterone Boosters

Navigating the saturated market of testosterone boosters can be a daunting task, especially when every product claims to be the best solution.

All of the testosterone boosters I tested

To cut through the noise and offer genuine recommendations, we adopted a systematic approach grounded in science, transparency, and real-world feedback.

Here’s how we chose the best testosterone boosters for you:

Research-Backed Ingredients

We prioritized products that contain ingredients scientifically shown to enhance testosterone production or support hormonal balance. Ingredients like fenugreek, vitamin D, and zinc consistently surfaced as key compounds with the research and studies to back them up.

Safety Profile

No supplement is worth risking your health over. We stuck to the products that had tried-and-true ingredients, free of unnecessary fillers or harmful additives. Additionally, products with a history of causing side effects were immediately excluded from our list.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Real-world experiences from men who’ve tried these boosters provided unique insights. We looked over hundreds of user reviews, searching for consistent reports of efficacy, benefits, and any potential drawbacks.

Company Reputation

A company’s track record matters. We selected brands with a history of integrity, transparency, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Value for Money

While price isn’t the only indicator of a product’s worth, we wanted to ensure that our top picks offer a good balance between cost and effectiveness. In other words, we wanted to select the products that offered the most bang for your buck.

Third-Party Testing

Supplements that have undergone third-party testing offer an additional layer of trustworthiness. We favored products that had been tested for purity and potency by independent labs.

Our Top Picks for the Best Testosterone Boosters

Best Testosterone Booster Overall: TestoPrime


  • Daily dose: Four capsules
  • Cost per serving: One bottle: $2.16 per serving / Three-bottle bundle: $1.44 per serving
  • Key ingredients: D-aspartic acid, Panax ginseng, KSM 66® ashwagandha extract, and fenugreek
  • Third-party testing: Yes

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  • All natural ingredients (e.g., vitamins, minerals, herbal remedies)
  • Knockout formula of testosterone support ingredients
  • No post-cycle therapy (PCT) supplement is required — you can stop using it at any time
  • Easy-to-swallow capsules


  • Low dosage of Ashwagandha
  • Only available through their official website
  • Only cost-effective if you buy multiple bottles

TestoPrime stands out as the best testosterone booster overall due to its potent ingredients, user accessibility, and glowing reviews. Ideal for beginners, this booster strikes a harmonious balance; neither overwhelmingly potent nor disappointingly mild.

A close-up of the TestoPrime bottle
A close-up of a bottle of Testosil

TestoPrime relies on several heavy hitter ingredients including:

  • D-aspartic acid (2,000 milligrams): A well-researched amino acid that can support the production of luteinizing hormone, which is responsible for testosterone production. (2)
  • Fenugreek (equivalent to 800 milligrams): A popular herb in traditional medicine known for its potential to boost libido and testosterone levels. (3)
  • Green tea extract (equivalent to 4,000 milligrams): A powerhouse antioxidant that might indirectly support testosterone levels by reducing the conversion of testosterone to DHT. (4)

It also includes a proper dose of vitamin D3 (26.68 micrograms) and zinc (40 milligrams) — both of which have been shown to support healthy testosterone levels. (5)(6)

While many of the products on this list share similar ingredients, for TestoPrime, D-aspartic acid takes center stage. Though its efficacy is debated, a 2009 study reported significant testosterone increases in both humans and rats after 12 days of consistent dosing. Another study linked D-aspartic acid supplementation to improved sperm quality in sub-fertile men. (7)(8)

Although some research finds negligible effects, the combination of D-aspartic acid and other potent ingredients in TestoPrime might amplify its impact.

I decided to take TestoPrime as a part of my pre-workout supplement routine, hoping to capitalize on its reported energy-boosting benefits. I took the four-capsule serving 30 to 60 minutes before my strength training workouts.

Whether it was the D-aspartic acid or Panax ginseng, I did feel an increase in energy, especially during my heavier sets. My sex drive, libido, and performance all stayed the same during the time I was taking TestoPrime — and that’s a good thing!

My biggest issues with TestoPrime are the absence of vitamin K2 and the low dose of ashwagandha.

Vitamin K2 can significantly improve the absorption and utilization of vitamin D3, so it’s essential to pair the two.

As for ashwagandha, the amount used in TestoPrime is less than 700 milligrams per serving. Compare that to XWERKS, which contains more than double that at 1.5 grams. Also, if you buy ashwagandha powder on its own, a teaspoon will provide you with three grams per serving, which is more than all of the supplements on this list.

If you choose TestoPrime, my advice would be to take it with a vitamin K2 supplement. I’d also advise mixing ashwagandha powder with your morning coffee or protein shake. That would make this a near-perfect testosterone booster.

Best Natural Testosterone Booster: XWERKS Ashwa


  • Daily dose: Two gummies
  • Cost per serving: $0.63 per serving
  • Key ingredients: Ashwagandha extract
  • Third-party testing: No

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  • Great flavor
  • Provides 1.5 grams of ashwagandha per serving
  • Easily stackable with other testosterone boosters


  • Might need to double your serving (depending on goals)
  • Includes six grams of sugar per serving
  • No black pepper extract — questionable bioavailability

Ashwagandha is a tough-to-pronounce but highly effective ingredient for supporting hormone health. This single-ingredient supplement is ranked as the best natural testosterone booster because ashwagandha has been used for centuries to potentially reduce stress and enhance hormone health. Research is finally proving what many cultures have already known.

In fact, it’s one of the most studied and confirmed ingredients for promoting natural testosterone levels.

A bottle of XWERKS Ashwa against a white wall
Testing the XWERKS Ashwa gummies

In one study, subjects taking ashwagandha over 16 weeks saw an 18 percent greater increase in DHEA-S (Dehydroepiandrosterone-sulfate) and a 14.7 percent greater increase in testosterone compared to the placebo group. (9)

DHEA-S is a hormone produced by your adrenal glands, and it’s important for two reasons: it’s seen as a marker for adrenal function, and it serves as a building block for testosterone. The increase of DHEA-S is important because, as a precursor, it directly supports the production of testosterone. (9)

In another eight-week study, men who consumed 600 milligrams of ashwagandha daily saw a 40 percent rise in their DISF‐M score, compared to a 25 percent rise in those given a placebo. The DISF-M is a questionnaire that consists of 25 questions, divided into five categories:

  • Sexual cognition/fantasy
  • Sexual arousal
  • Sexual behavior/experiences
  • Orgasm
  • Drive/desire

The men taking ashwagandha reported higher levels and events in each of the five categories, suggesting testosterone levels increased. (10)

Hands down, XWERKS Ashwa was my favorite supplement to take because it was like getting a chance to eat candy. The gummies tasted great, and the texture was just right. To ensure I had a consistent amount of ashwagandha in my system, I spaced out the serving, taking one gummy in the late morning and another just before bed.

Several XWERKS Ashwa gummies in a man's hand
A close-up of the XWERKS Ashwa gummies

I noticed my sleep improved when taking the ashwagandha before bed. This might have something to do with ashwagandha being a cortisol-reducing ingredient.

While I can’t attribute any wild gains in the gym to ashwagandha, I can say that I felt more level-headed even during times of stress. I also slept better, which is great for supporting growth hormone production.

My only problem with XWERKS Ashwa is that it doesn’t include black pepper extract, an ingredient that can enhance bioavailability. Easy fix: just buy Bioperine and take a serving whenever you use ashwagandha.

Best Testosterone Booster for Muscle Growth: CrazyBulk Testo-Max

CrazyBulk Testo-Max

  • Daily dose: Four capsules
  • Cost per serving: One bottle: $2.16 per serving / Three bottle bundle: $1.44 per serving
  • Key ingredients: Vitamin D3, D-aspartic acid, nettle leaf extract, Korean red ginseng extract, and fenugreek
  • Third-party testing: No

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  • Uses highly bioavailable forms of ingredients
  • Includes complementary ingredients (e.g., vitamin D and vitamin K)
  • Contains ingredients proven to support testosterone production


  • Confusing label — extract equivalents aren’t provided
  • Clever but deceptive marketing
  • Claims results in less than two weeks

CrazyBulk Testo-Max is the best testosterone booster for muscle growth since it may support size gains in two important ways: increased performance in the gym and enhanced testosterone production.

A bottle of CrazyBulk Testo-Max on a white counter against a white wall
Testing CrazyBulk’s Testo-Max testosterone booster

Let’s talk about weight room performance. You can trigger muscle growth (hypertrophy) when you stress muscle tissue with intense training, causing a series of microtears. The actual growth happens during the recovery phase, but you need the energy and determination to tear down that muscle in the first place.

With more energy in the gym, you’re better positioned to effectively hit the target muscles. Testo-Max, rich in ingredients like Korean red ginseng extract, can boost stamina, reduce fatigue, and sharpen focus. (11)

Once you’re out of the gym, growth hormones like testosterone step in to repair the muscle tissue, slowly building it back bigger and stronger after each workout.

Testo-Max contains many of the same testosterone-boosting ingredients discussed above, such as fenugreek, D-aspartic acid, and vitamin D. One unique ingredient is stinging nettle leaf extract. It’s known for boosting free (active) testosterone levels by binding to the testosterone-inhibiting molecule, sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). (12)

What’s more, Bioperine enhances the bioavailability of all ingredients in Testo-Max, ensuring you get maximum efficacy from the supplement. (13)

The Bioperine is an excellent addition because other testosterone boosters, like XWERKS Ashwa, don’t have it. It’s one less supplement you have to worry about taking separately, which can be more cost-effective in the long run.

I appreciate Testo-Max as a non-stimulant pre-workout and as a testosterone booster. While not as potent as caffeine, it offers consistent focus during light sessions. For intense workouts, I stuck with my favorite pre-workout with stimulants.

My one gripe is with the Testo-Max marketing and the idea that this supplement can help you see visible results in two weeks. CrazyBulk made a reputation for itself by using clever names that sound a lot like performance-enhancing drugs. Make no mistake about it: Testo-Max is no steroid. Sure, you’ll probably see muscle growth while using Testo-Max, but it’ll take longer than two weeks.

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Best Testosterone Booster for Men Over 50: PrimeGENIX Testodren

PrimeGENIX Testodren

  • Daily dose: One capsule
  • Cost per serving: One bottle: $1.99 per serving / Three bottle bundle: $1.33 per serving
  • Key ingredients: Furosap®
  • Third-party testing: Yes

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  • The company offers a 67-day money-back guarantee
  • Several studies back up their product claims
  • Very positive reviews


  • Can be overwhelming to search for legit reviews
  • Some reviews mention upset stomach
  • Sketchy marketing campaign

The average guy will lose an average of 1.6 percent of total testosterone each year once he gets to his mid-30s. (1) But what happens when you want to increase your testosterone levels in your 50s without a trip to the doctor?

Introducing PrimeGENIX Testodren, my pick for the best testosterone booster for men over 50.

A bottle of Testodren on a white counter against a white wall
Testing the PrimeGenix Testodren testosterone booster

Testodren contains a unique form of fenugreek, which may enhance libido, increase testosterone levels, and boost sexual performance.

In one study, men who consumed a 600-milligram fenugreek supplement daily for 12 weeks experienced elevated levels of both free and total testosterone. Additionally, these individuals reported enhanced sexual performance, marked by an increase in sexual activity frequency. (3)

As cited by the Testodren website, one of the main issues with many fenugreek supplements is inconsistent protodioscin levels.

Protodioscin is a natural compound found in fenugreek. It’s believed to help boost testosterone levels by stimulating the release of nitric oxide and increasing the activity of certain enzymes. With that said, researchers aren’t exactly sure how it works; however, protodioscin is the key to fenugreek’s testosterone-boosting benefits.

To address the issue of inconsistent and low levels of protodioscin in most supplements, Testodren uses a patented purification technique that ensures a consistent protodioscin level of 20 percent in each serving — easily some of the highest levels in the industry.

This formula was tested in three human-based clinical trials and the results were impressive. In one study, older male subjects saw their free testosterone levels increase by 72.87 percent in 12 weeks. (14)

If you’re a man in your 50s (or older) looking to naturally boost your testosterone levels, PrimeGENIX Testodren can be the way to go. Not only does it offer clinically proven results, but the brand is committed to purity and transparency with its third-party testing. Most of the supplements you’ll see online or on store shelves don’t bother with third-party testing, which is considered the gold standard by many experts.

Put excellent customer service on top of that and you can see why it’s my pick for the best testosterone booster for men over 50.

Best Testosterone Booster for Burning Fat: Testosil


  • Daily dose: Four capsules
  • Cost per serving: One bottle: $1.99 per serving / Three bottle bundle: $1.33 per serving
  • Key ingredients: D-aspartic acid, KSM 66® ashwagandha extract, l-arginine HCl, Asian ginseng, and fenugreek
  • Third-party testing: No

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  • Delivers the equivalent of 3,600 milligrams of ordinary ashwagandha
  • Contains fat-burning ingredients that might help with low T weight gain
  • Cognitive boost makes it great as a pre-workout


  • Mismatching information on the website
  • Low dosage of L-arginine HCl
  • Too much of a focus on ashwagandha and not enough on other ingredients

For guys aiming to pack on lean muscle and shed excess fat, having optimal testosterone levels is crucial.

A downfall of low testosterone is the undesired gain in fat mass and a corresponding reduction in muscle tissue. So, how do we simultaneously tackle the issue of diminished testosterone and prevent fat accumulation?

Enter Testosil, the best testosterone booster for burning fat.

A bottle of Testosil on a kitchen counter
A close-up of a bottle of Testosil

When it comes to boosting your T-levels, Testosil relies primarily on a super-concentrated extract of ashwagandha. While the extract is only 300 milligrams per serving, it provides you with the equivalent of 3,600 milligrams per serving of ordinary ashwagandha powder.

As I discussed above, ashwagandha is a reliable testosterone booster. It’s accompanied in the Testosil formula by some other familiar proven ingredients, including D-aspartic acid and ZMA (zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6). It also contains an extract that provides the equivalent of 800 milligrams of fenugreek!

Testosil has its testosterone bases covered, but what about fat-burning ingredients?

L-arginine and Panax ginseng combined in a supplement offer a potent duo for potential fat-burning and weight management benefits.

L-arginine, a precursor to nitric oxide, promotes enhanced blood flow, which can lead to improved exercise performance and greater calorie burn. Additionally, its role in stimulating growth hormone release may enhance fat metabolism and support muscle mass, which in turn, boosts resting calorie burn. (15)

Panax ginseng is known for its energy-boosting properties, which can help inside and outside of the gym. It also helps stabilize blood sugar levels, potentially reducing fat storage. Some studies hint at its role in increasing thermogenesis, further amplifying calorie burn. (16)

Together, their synergistic effects may offer an efficient approach to weight management.

While I didn’t notice any heightened fat loss with Testosil, I did enjoy stabilized testosterone levels. Just like with a few of the other supplements, I got into the habit of taking it just before a workout, especially during heavy lifting days. Even when I took it on an empty stomach, Testosil didn’t cause any weird digestive issues.

A bottle of Testosil on its side with capsules spilling out of it
Showing what the Testosil capsules look like

The one issue I have with Testosil is the low dosage of L-arginine HCl. While it does have other fat-burning ingredients, I think it’s safe to say that the star ingredient would be L-arginine. The problem is that Testosil only provides 250 milligrams per serving, which is less than what several key studies used. For example, some studies dosed L-arginine as low as two grams and as high as 30 grams per day. Either way, 250 milligrams isn’t going to cut it.

If your goal is to boost testosterone while decreasing fat mass, the most important factors to get right are your diet and workout routine. If those are a mess, no testosterone or fat-burning supplement will help you. Once you have those on track, I’d recommend pairing Testosil with another fat burner. Even just a separate L-arginine supplement would do the trick.

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Best Testosterone Booster for Bodybuilding: D-Bal MAX

D-bal MAX

  • Daily dose: Four capsules
  • Cost per serving: One bottle: $2.33 per serving / Three bottle bundle: $1.48 per serving
  • Key ingredients: KSM 66® ashwagandha extract, l-arginine HCl, Senactiv®, zinc, and magnesium
  • Third-party testing: No

Check Price


  • Includes complementary ingredients (e.g., zinc and copper)
  • Focuses on creating an environment for healthy testosterone production
  • Contain caffeine – Making it a great pre-workout test booster


  • Uses forms of some ingredients that have poor bioavailability
  • Contains caffeine, which might be problematic if you’re sensitive to stimulants
  • You won’t see “bodybuilding level” results after just one month

Let me start by saying that while this is a great testosterone booster for bodybuilding, you shouldn’t expect to go from 90 pounds soaking wet to a 225-pound bodybuilding champion in one month. I like D-Bal MAX, but I also want to make sure I’m helping you set realistic expectations.

A close-up of the D-Bal MAX Testosterone Booster bottle
A close-up of the bottle of D-Bal MAX

D-Bal MAX prioritizes muscle and connective tissue repair, creating an optimal environment for the body to flourish and testosterone levels to spike. Its emphasis on muscle recuperation and combating inflammation earns it my recommendation as the best testosterone booster for bodybuilding.

While I like the supplement, in truth, I have a love-hate relationship with the formula of D-Bal MAX.

On one hand, it contains ingredients that support one another in both bioavailability and benefit, especially when it comes to muscle recovery and testosterone production.

For example, D-Bal MAX contains zinc and copper, which is important because zinc can decrease the absorption of copper in your body. If you’re taking additional copper supplements, you don’t need to be concerned about zinc hindering its absorption since you already have an ample amount of copper.

Magnesium and vitamin C also have a synergistic relationship. For example, vitamin C can enhance the body’s ability to absorb magnesium from the digestive tract. On the other hand, magnesium can help improve the efficiency of some of the body’s processes that use vitamin C (such as wound healing). When taken together, they can boost each other’s benefits in the body.

On the other hand, the formula contains the oxide forms of zinc and magnesium, which have the lowest bioavailability. I would love to see zinc picolinate or zinc citrate on the label — really anything but zinc oxide.

That aside, D-Bal MAX is an excellent muscle recovery agent that also offers testosterone support. Since it contains 200 milligrams of caffeine, I used it as a pre-workout supplement, taking it around 30 minutes before my gym session. That amount of caffeine with the added ginseng provided the boost I needed to get through serious sets. (17)

Be careful with your consumption of caffeine as it might impact your testosterone levels for better or worse. The right dosage in certain situations — mainly before exercise — may temporarily boost T levels. However, one study found that excessive caffeine consumption of more than 400 milligrams might lower testosterone levels because of high cortisol levels. (18) In other words, go easy on the cup of Joe.

Since the ingredients in D-Bal MAX all support some form of muscle repair, from anti-inflammatory properties to growth hormone secretion to improved glucose uptake, I also took it pre-workout to kickstart my recovery.

Better sets and recovery led to better results for me. I noticed my plate numbers steadily increasing from week to week, and people kept mentioning that my thighs and shoulders looked thicker. Full disclosure here: I was also taking creatine and glutamine, supplement staples that I’ve taken for most of my fitness career.

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Best Anti-Aging Testosterone Booster: Lifeforce DHEA

Lifeforce DHEA

  • Daily dose: Three capsules
  • Cost per serving: One-time order: $1.83 per serving / Subscribe and save: $1.16 per serving
  • Key ingredients: DHEA, 7-Keto DHEA, and Pregnenolone
  • Third-party testing: No

Check Price


  • Proven ingredients to boost testosterone and support longevity
  • Properly dosed for results
  • May experience a cognitive boost in addition to more testosterone


  • Limited online reviews
  • Relatively newer supplement
  • May upset your stomach if you don’t take it with food

Lifeforce DHEA incorporates three of the most studied and proven longevity ingredients: DHEA, pregnenolone, and 7-Keto DHEA. That’s why it got my vote as the best anti-aging testosterone booster.

A close-up of the bottle of Lifeforce DHEA
Testing the Lifeforce DHEA testosterone booster

What’s the connection between longevity, testosterone, and DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone)?

Just like testosterone, DHEA levels begin to steadily decline in men once they reach their mid-30s. Studies show that there is a direct correlation between lower levels of testosterone and DHEA and a worse state of general health. (19)

Put simply: If you want to look and feel your best – like a younger version of yourself – you want to keep these levels in check. And that’s where Lifeforce DHEA comes in. Let’s break down these three important ingredients:

  • DHEA is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands. It acts as a precursor to both testosterone and estrogen, which means it may increase testosterone levels, especially in older individuals whose natural DHEA levels have dwindled. (20)
  • Pregnenolone is a steroid hormone but don’t let the name scare you! It’s not an illegal anabolic steroid. It’s a naturally occurring compound in your body from which other steroid hormones, including DHEA, progesterone, and testosterone, are derived. Some experts also believe that pregnenolone may promote other anti-aging benefits, including improved memory, alleviated stress, and elevated mood. (21)
  • 7-Keto DHEA is a DHEA metabolite. While it does not directly boost testosterone levels, it does possess several anti-aging benefits. It may enhance metabolism, aid in weight loss, and support immune function. (22)

The most noticeable benefit from Lifeforce DHEA was the boost in energy that I had when I took it in the morning. I didn’t even bother with my usual cup of coffee until the early afternoon and that was more out of habit than actually needing it. I felt like that energy carried over into the gym because I was really focused on what I was doing as I moved between exercises.

My testosterone levels continued to soar high as I took Lifeforce DHEA, and this was evident by the uptick in libido and sex drive. Overall, I’d say it did an awesome job at helping me maintain my T-levels while giving me the added benefit of a cognitive boost.

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Additional Testosterone Booster Recommendations

On that note about Lifeforce DHEA, I’d like to highlight a unique service they offer, which isn’t provided by any other brand on this list.

Lifeforce offers an at-home health test that checks over 40 biomarkers in your body that impact your hormone levels, well-being, and generally how you feel every day. Of those 40 markers, Lifeforce checks your levels for luteinizing hormone and testosterone, the two things you want to increase (and the reason you’re reading this article).

Here’s how it works. You take the test at home, send it in, and you’ll receive a complete report with your results in about 10 days. But you’re not left on your own to interrupt those results. You’ll hop on a virtual call with a doctor to discuss things like your hormones, metabolism, organ health, and any health risks you might have. You’ll also receive a personalized health plan.

If you really want to go the extra mile and track your testosterone levels as you take one of these supplements, Lifeforce Diagnostic could be something to look into.

Learn more about what is provided in a Lifeforce membership on their website: Lifeforce Diagnostic Blood Test

What Are the Benefits of Testosterone Boosters?

Before we dive into the benefits, it’s important to understand that taking a testosterone booster alone may not yield the transformational results you want.

A testosterone booster should be treated as a complement to a consistent resistance training program and a healthy, well-balanced diet.

Put simply: For a testosterone booster to have the maximum effect, and for you to see the following benefits, you need to lift weights and eat a proper diet consisting of lean proteins, complex carbs, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats.

Furthermore, regardless of these potential benefits, it’s important to approach testosterone boosters with caution and knowledge. Results will vary from person to person. Always consider potential side effects and consult a healthcare professional before starting supplements.

Increased Testosterone Levels

Elevated testosterone can amplify various physiological functions, from improved muscle growth to enhanced mood and energy.

I mention this first because the boost in your testosterone levels plays a direct role in making the other benefits on this list happen.

Improved Muscle Mass and Strength

One of the most cited advantages of increasing testosterone levels is the potential for greater muscle growth and strength.

Testosterone plays a crucial role in muscle development, so it’s no surprise that many supplement users report improved muscle gains when combining these supplements with hypertrophy-focused resistance training.

Enhanced Libido

A decline in testosterone is often linked with a decrease in libido or sexual desire.

Testosterone boosters can reignite that spark and improve sexual drive. Again, the best results happen when you’re using a testosterone booster in conjunction with a strength training program and a healthy diet.

Mood Enhancement

Testosterone has been linked with mood and mental well-being. Men with lower testosterone levels sometimes experience mood swings, depression, or irritability.

Boosting levels might help alleviate these symptoms and promote a better overall mood.

Improved Energy Levels

Feeling constantly fatigued? Testosterone boosters might offer a solution.

Users often report an increase in their energy levels, helping them feel more vibrant while reducing feelings of lethargy.

Enhanced Cognitive Function

Some studies suggest that optimal testosterone levels can help in maintaining cognitive health, including memory and focus.

While more research is needed, some users claim to experience improved mental clarity after using these supplements.

Fat Loss

Elevated testosterone levels can help increase metabolism, which might assist in fat loss.

While it’s not a replacement for a balanced diet and regular exercise, a testosterone booster could potentially play a role in a comprehensive weight loss strategy.

Bone Density

Testosterone plays a role in bone density. As men age and testosterone levels drop, there’s a potential risk of developing osteoporosis. Boosting testosterone might help in maintaining bone strength.

Improved Recovery

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike might find that testosterone boosters help them recover faster post-workout, thanks to the hormone’s role in muscle repair and regeneration.

What To Consider When Looking for a Testosterone Booster

How can you walk into your local supplement shop or browse an online supplement catalog and not feel overwhelmed by the choices?

There are literally dozens of options to choose from, and if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you might throw in the towel before clicking the “buy” button.

Let’s take the stress out of the shopping experience. Here’s what to look for when buying a testosterone booster.

Your Goals

Before diving into the specifics of a product, identify what you hope to achieve.

Are you looking for improved muscle mass, enhanced libido, mood elevation, or perhaps a combination of benefits?

Understanding your goals will help you choose a booster that’s aligned with your needs.

Different supplements have varied recommended dosages, and too many of them under-dose their products. At the same time, be careful of over-dosed supplements!

Overconsumption can lead to potential side effects such as acne, excessive estrogen levels, and generally feeling ill, while underconsumption might not yield the desired results.

A quick Google search can help you understand how much of a certain ingredient you should be taking to see results.


Pay close attention to the ingredients listed on the label. Look for products that contain clinically researched and proven ingredients such as the following:

  • DHEA
  • Fenugreek
  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Ashwagandha
  • Vitamin D3 (preferably with Vitamin K2)
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Stinging Nettle Leaf

I recommend avoiding supplements with proprietary blends where the exact amounts of ingredients aren’t specified.


Always opt for products that are manufactured in facilities following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Additionally, products that have been third-party tested for purity and potency are more likely to be trustworthy.

Two of the most trusted names in supplement third-party testing are NSF International and ConsumerLab. These organizations independently test and verify the contents of supplements, ensuring that what’s on the label matches what’s in the bottle and that harmful contaminants are not present.

PCT Requirements

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) refers to supplements (or certain drugs) that are taken after a cycle of anabolic steroids or performance-enhancing compounds to help restore hormonal balance. It mainly focuses on kick-starting the production of natural testosterone and preventing estrogen-related side effects such as gynecomastia. Some of the most common PCTs include Clomid and Nolvadex.

If you want to avoid a mess of trouble, including throwing your hormones out of whack and possibly developing man boobs, I’d highly recommend staying away from any testosterone booster that requires a PCT supplement. Typically, natural testosterone boosters like the ones on this list will not require any type of “follow-up supplement” to avoid side effects. You should be able to start and stop taking the supplement without worrying about potential downsides.

Potential Side Effects

While testosterone boosters can offer numerous benefits, they may also come with potential side effects. Some common ones include acne, hair loss, or an increase in aggression.

It’s essential to familiarize yourself with the possible side effects of any supplement you’re considering.

How To Boost Testosterone Naturally

While supplements can be an effective way to enhance testosterone levels, there are also several natural methods to boost this vital hormone.

A holistic approach encompassing lifestyle changes and habits can play a fundamental role in optimizing your testosterone levels.

Diet and Nutrition

It’s easy to say, “Eat healthy,” but what does that mean in the context of increasing your testosterone levels? Here are some dietary tips that will support those T-levels.

  • Get adequate amounts of zinc and vitamin D. These two nutrients are essential for testosterone production. Foods like oysters, beef, pumpkin seeds, and spinach are high in zinc, while fatty fish, fortified dairy products, and egg yolks are good sources of Vitamin D.
  • Consume healthy fats. Don’t skip on the healthy fats! You can find monounsaturated and omega-3 fats in avocados, nuts, seeds, and fatty fish like salmon.
  • Limit sugar and processed foods. High sugar consumption and a diet rich in processed foods can lead to insulin resistance, which may reduce testosterone levels.
  • Limit alcohol and drugs. Excessive alcohol consumption can lower testosterone levels.

Regular Exercise

Any form of physical activity is good for healthy weight management, but if your goal is to boost your testosterone, you want to focus on two specific forms of exercise:

  • Resistance training. Strength training or weightlifting has been shown to boost testosterone levels both immediately after a workout and over the long term. Aim for three days per week of some form of resistance training.
  • High-intensity interval training (HIIT). Short, intense bursts of exercise like sprints or a HIIT workout can be effective for weight management, muscle growth, and testosterone production.

Lifestyle Choices

Outside of diet, exercise, and supplements, there are some changes you can make in your day-to-day routine to support healthy testosterone levels.

  • Manage stress. Chronic stress elevates cortisol, a hormone that can lower testosterone. Techniques like meditation, deep breathing exercises, and regular physical activity can help manage and reduce stress.
  • Get adequate sleep. Testosterone production follows a circadian rhythm, with peak production occurring during sleep. Aim for seven to nine hours of quality sleep per night to support optimal testosterone levels.
  • Maintain a healthy weight. Obesity can negatively affect testosterone levels. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight through diet and exercise can support optimal testosterone production.
  • Avoid endocrine disruptors. Chemicals such as BPA, commonly found in some plastics, can act as endocrine disruptors, affecting testosterone levels. Choose BPA-free products and reduce exposure to potential environmental toxins. (23)
  • Stay socially active. Engaging in social activities, bonding with friends and family, and maintaining healthy relationships can positively influence testosterone levels, especially as you age.
  • Talk to your doctor if you take prescription medications. Certain medications can impact testosterone production, so it’s essential to discuss any concerns with your healthcare provider.

Final Thoughts

While TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) is a surefire way to increase testosterone levels, it’s also looked at as a last resort option. If you want to naturally increase your testosterone levels and fight back against the symptoms of low T, a testosterone booster supplement might be able to help.

Before getting drawn into the idea of testosterone boosters, remember the basics: working out and eating right. A testosterone booster should always act as a complement to well-established healthy lifestyle choices and habits. Once you’ve got those down, then think about adding a supplement.

Best Testosterone Boosters: Side-by-Side Comparison

Best Testosterone Booster


  • Daily dose: Four capsules
  • Cost per serving: One bottle: $2.16 per serving / Three-bottle bundle: $1.44 per serving
  • Key ingredients: D-aspartic acid, Panax ginseng, KSM 66® ashwagandha extract, and fenugreek
  • Third-party testing: Yes

Best Natural


  • Daily dose: Two gummies
  • Cost per serving: $0.63 per serving
  • Key ingredients: Ashwagandha extract
  • Third-party testing: No

Best Testosterone Booster for Muscle Growth


  • Daily dose: Four capsules
  • Cost per serving: One bottle: $2.16 per serving / Three bottle bundle: $1.44 per serving
  • Key ingredients: Vitamin D3, D-aspartic acid, nettle leaf extract, Korean red ginseng extract, and fenugreek
  • Third-party testing: No

Best Testosterone Booster
for Men Over 50


  • Daily dose: One capsule
  • Cost per serving: One bottle: $1.99 per serving / Three bottle bundle: $1.33 per serving
  • Key ingredients: Furosap®
  • Third-party testing: Yes

Best Testosterone Booster
for Burning Fat


  • Daily dose: Four capsules
  • Cost per serving: One bottle: $1.99 per serving / Three bottle bundle: $1.33 per serving
  • Key ingredients: D-aspartic acid, KSM 66® ashwagandha extract, l-arginine HCl, Asian ginseng, and fenugreek
  • Third-party testing: No

Best Testosterone Booster for Bodybuilding


  • Daily dose: Four capsules
  • Cost per serving: One bottle: $2.33 per serving / Three bottle bundle: $1.48 per serving
  • Key ingredients: KSM 66® ashwagandha extract, l-arginine HCl, Senactiv®, zinc, and magnesium
  • Third-party testing: No

Best Anti-Aging Testosterone


  • Daily dose: Three capsules
  • Cost per serving: One-time order: $1.83 per serving / Subscribe and save: $1.16 per serving
  • Key ingredients: DHEA, 7-Keto DHEA, and Pregnenolone
  • Third-party testing: No


What is the best testosterone booster that really works?

When choosing a testosterone booster, it’s not about the brand but the ingredients within. Key ingredients like ashwagandha, D-aspartic acid, DHEA, fenugreek, magnesium, stinging nettle leaf, vitamin D3, and zinc have proven benefits, supported by studies and user reviews. Always prioritize these ingredients and consult a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement.

Do testosterone boosters really help?

Testosterone boosters can help address low T levels, but their effectiveness depends on the ingredients, dosage, individual body chemistry, and the root cause of the low testosterone. Ingredients like fenugreek, zinc, and vitamin D have scientific backing, but it’s essential to understand the reason for low levels, such as aging or chronic illness. Moreover, combining a booster with healthy lifestyle practices, like proper diet and sleep, often yields better results than the supplement alone.

What is the number one thing to increase testosterone?

For optimal testosterone levels, nutrition is paramount. Prioritize foods rich in zinc, vitamin D, omega-3s, and clean proteins while minimizing processed foods, alcohol, and sugars. Coupled with resistance training, good nutrition forms a solid fitness foundation that can naturally increase testosterone. Once these habits are solid, you may consider a testosterone booster, but with a well-managed diet and exercise regimen, supplements might become unnecessary.

When is the best time to take testosterone booster pills?

The best time to take testosterone boosters will vary by product and ingredients. Some recommend taking it in the morning to align with the body’s natural testosterone rhythm. On the other hand, ZMA-containing supplements should be taken before bedtime since zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6 can enhance sleep—a crucial period for testosterone production. Always consult the label or a medical professional for guidance.


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