Weight Lifting: What if you don’t have access to heavy weights?

If you have limited access to a variety of weight loads and types, there are some alternatives that you can incorporate into your beginner weight-lifting routine. 

Resistance bands

Resistance bands are super easy to use and are perfect for frequent travelers – just throw them in your bag and go! 

It come in different styles and thicknesses – the thicker they are, the more resistance they have. Make sure to get a set of resistance bands so that you can increase and decrease the resistance accordingly.  

Aim for resistance tubes or looped long resistance bands, as they create resistance for full-body movements. Mini bands are a good addition to the set but aren’t as versatile as the longer bands. 

Check out this video on how to create a DIY resistance band hook on your door: (video Education 5-S)

Lighter weights 

The goal here is to incorporate exercises that activate more muscles in one movement, incorporating balance, coordination, and movement control. (3) 

Bonus: there are ways to incorporate resistant bands into your weighted workout routine as well, which is a great way to increase the challenge. 

Try our strength program: Unlock Your Strength now on the Training Adidas app and follow along with any weight size that’s right for you! 

Medicine ball

Medicine balls are also a great way to add resistance with minimal joint stress. 

Try this home workout that uses a medicine ball and resistance bands – and the best part is it’s designed for you to do with a partner! 

Resistance machines

These machines are usually found in fitness gyms but can be spotted in many hotel and home gyms too. They provide support and guidance with movements and can be great for beginner weight lifting routines as you learn the proper technique and motions, and for those with orthopedic limitations, issues with balance and coordination, or flexibility. (4)

Check out this video on how to create a DIY resistance band hook on your door:

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