United States: A health advisory has been issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Tuesday, which warned general public about the much grown risk of dengue virus (DENV) infections in the United States in the current year, which have been spreading across the world. 

More about the news 

In recent developments, several countries in the Americas have reported a shocking jump in cases, which has far exceeded the record of a full year within the span of less than six months. 

Since the beginning of 2024, a total of 9.7 million cases of dengue, almost twice the total cases seen in the year 2023, as the Hill reported. 

More about the virus 

The spread of the virus is done via mosquitoes, which live best in warm weather conditions and have been expanding their geographical span owing to global warming and climate change, where new areas are adding to warmer climates. 

Dengue Rising Cases Prompt CDC Issue Warning for 2024. Credit | Adobe Stock
Dengue Rising Cases Prompt CDC Issue Warning for 2024. Credit | Adobe Stock

The health officials have raised concerns due to prevalence of steep rise in number of cases during much early phase of the year. 

In the United States, the contraction is more likely to be got from six US territories and freely associated states, that is, the places which fall in the transmission regularity having dengue at frequently, contiguous. 

Rampant growth of the infection cases 

The transmission of the disease in the continental states has never been as rampant as it is in the territories, but again, transmission has increased in recent years due to the effects of climate change, as the Hill reported. 

This year, the pace has been extremely high, making Puerto Rico classify the situation as a public health emergency; however, there were 1498 confirmed cases of virus transmission in January, and 745 of them are spokespersons for US travelers. Even the World Health Organization issued an emergency in December, as Hill reported. 

Other states have also reported increased total incidences of cases since January, including Florida with 197 cases, New York, with 134 cases, Massachusetts with 50 cases, California having recorded 40 cases, Colorado 14 cases, Arizona 9 cases and District of Columbia 8 cases among others. 

On Tuesday, the CDC issued a health alert to healthcare facilities urging them to start looking at the infection in such patients, especially those who have recently moved to countries with high transmission rates. 

They should obtain relevant investigative tests as applicable; communicate the new cases as and when they are identified; encourage practices aimed at avoiding mosquito bites, the advisory stated. 

Although most cases are asymptomatic, and patients experience no manifestations, one in 20 of infected patients develop symptoms. They can be mild/moderate, or even severe, such they present with symptoms like fever, headache, nausea and vomiting, Skin rashes, muscle and joint pains, and minor bleeding. 

The CDC has categorized Global scale dengue as a “level 1” risk out of four levels, which signifies that those who traveling should “practice usual precautions.” 

As the CDC warns, travelers are urged to use EPA-registered insect repellent, wear long sleeves, and sleep in air-conditioned rooms or rooms with window screens. 


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